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Space XY

21 iulie 2022

The game’s main page appears to be very basic. The screen can be divided into three parts when the game is launched: the settings area (on your left), the playing field (on your right), and your working panel (at the bottom). The working panel has, as you may guess, autospin options ranging from 5 space xy

RTP: 97.10%

Free spins: 5

Wagering: 40x

Average bet: 1.6£ (USD 1.76€/AUD 1.91)

Win: 10,000x with single bet, 20,000x with double bet

Payments: Skrill, Neteller, Bitcoin, Cash in adress, Paypal, Credit Card

Verdict: We’re well acquainted with new Novomatic games, and this one is no exception. Since they play ball right from the start, we recommend Space XY to users that are novices but are still interested in learning their language.

Space XY Black Friday Bonus:

One of the first incredible things to notice is that you can win 10,000x with just a single bet! There is also a second interesting bonus that will provide 20,000x per game if you make 2 simultaneous bets. The bonus can be unlocked once you successfully win 10,000x in your first round.

Space XY Respins:

Space XY is a video slot that has five Free Spins. You can unlock them in any round you wish.

You may win the higher denomination of the Free Spins if you are hit, or get the Free Spins in its entirety. During Free Spins, the reels turn the same.

The free spins will not be valid if you have already won once.

You may only win once per day.

Space XY Special Features:

Space XY has a very special sound, the sound of space, like Earth being that far away. It’s a feature that is rarely used and is not present in any other game on the market. It’s a space theme, such as being on the Moon, but it’s more like it’s in outer space.

Space XY has a nice bonus feature “excellentness stars,” if that sounds like space-borne comet, then it is. Players can win exclusive Star bonus perks up to 25x if they get a maximum of stars.

Space XY is a game that is loved by many gamers and easy to understand. If you have no experience with slots, there is a risk of losing money due to low volatility. However, if you know how to handle it, then you will more than earn it. Now, it looks like 2018, and you can easily score 10

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