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Rochie din tafta verde

599.99 lei 399.99 lei

Rochie din tull fin cu dantela

449.99 lei 199.99 lei

Rochie din tulle roze prafuit

599.99 lei 299.99 lei

Rochie lunga din tulle gri cu dantela aplicata manual

899.99 lei 399.99 lei

Rochie material plisat argintiu

399.99 lei 199.99 lei

Rochie material plisat negru

549.99 lei 299.99 lei

Rochie neagra cu spatele gol

399.99 lei 199.99 lei

Rochie neagra cu strasuri aplicate manual

799.99 lei 299.99 lei

Rochie tulle fin negru

399.99 lei 199.99 lei
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